Also this year, ContestaRockHair is involved in Impatto Zero®, a project by Lifegate that quantifies the emissions of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere from any activity, product or event with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions through strategies to optimize resources and reduce consumption. 

Thanks to this collaboration, since 2009 ContestaRockHair offsets the residual CO2 generated by its offices by purchasing credits generated by measures to create and protect forests in Italy and in the world. During 10 years, the deal with LifeGate and Impatto Zero has allowed ContestaRockHair to protect over 18,300 square meters of growing forest in Madagascar and Costa Rica, 3.499 mq only in the last year. 

LifeGate has chosen Costa Rica as a territory to be preserved, due to its high concentration of biodiversity, by the deforestation activities that have devastated it in the last 60 years. Costa Rica, despite having an area equal to 0.01 percent of the land that emerged, contains about 4 percent of all the species living on the planet. Madagascar is an island that needs constant forest operations for its geographical position and its different ecological characteristics distributed over a large area. 

The project also provides for the restructuring of the former leper colony, the road that leads to the city, the electricity grid, the construction of a small dam and the excavation of wells for the cultivation of algae for nutritional purposes.