Another Place, New Mental Landscapes – Art Project

Another Place is the new cultural project by ContestaRockHair, based on the concepts of OTHERNESS, DIVERSITY AND COMMONALITY. The Sky Above Rome is the first of a series of art shows part of this project that it will mainly involve international artists working together in synergy and giving them the opportunity to simultaneously display their Art Works at the ContestaRockHair’s exhibition spaces, located in Rome, Florence, New York, Miami and Shanghai.

The next exhibition:

Project #10: THE IMAGINED WORDS – Cristina Pennacchi

quadro cristina pennacchi

Past events:

Project #1 Roma: IL CIELO SOPRA ROMA – fotografie di Antonio Ranesi 

Project #1 New York: THE SKY ABOVE ROME – ANTONIO RANESI photo exhibition

Project #2: CACAO – fotografie di Luca Rinaldini

Project #1 Shanghai: JIN LE Art Exhibition

Project #2 Shanghai: RaoLu

Project #3 Shanghai: Anna Maria Angelucci – Inside The Roots

Project #3: GLOBAL WARNING – Alessandro Calizza personal exhibition

Project #04: TALKING TREES – Thomas Spielmann personal exhibition 

Project #05: Universalismo e Differenze – Andrea Agostini personal exhibition

Project #06: SIXTYSTEPS – Giusy Lauriola

Project #07:  DA VICINO: Cartoline dalla Poesia degli Antipodi – Alessandro Ferraro

Project #08: INSIDE THE ROOTS di Anna Maria Angelucci

Project #9: THE SPIRIT OF CREATION di Edmund Kurenia