Immagine 5

DO IT YOURSELF – Trust Your Hands is the promotional campaign that TBWA conceived for the launch of the CRH products starting from the thorough investigation on handmade creativity that has always distinguished ContestaRockHair.

The distinctive soul of CRH is born from a a revolutionary hair-cut technique conceived by its founders Alessandro Santopaolo and Massimo Bianco. With the same attention paid to the trust in manual skills, CRH today invites to a “Do It Yourself ” use of its products : innovative tools designed to enhance individual creativity and be creator of a personal style, finally. The invitation by CRH is supported and recommended by the choice of five excellent testimonials: a tattoo artist, a DJ, a graphic desinger that has transferred her skills in cake design, a ship’s carpenter, a craftsman and a communication expert who founded a bicycle tailoring project. Five real human-and-professional profiles with a history and a future in their hands.

DO IT YOURSELF – Trust Your Hands is a five-panel campaign, in which the photographic portrait of each testimonial is associated with the image of one of the CRH products. We have also launched five short video interviews where testimonials have been invited to tell about themselves and their relationship with the manual skill. Their stories will be told and shared by ContestaRockHair throughout the Spring of 2014.