#CRHrevolution is a closed- door event that took place on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at ContestaRockHair salon in Rome to celebrate the exclusive renewal of the brand. The hair dressing salon in Rione Monti had been selected to set a special event involving popular bloggers and web journalists to attend to the renaissance of the brand. #CRH Revolution consists in a 12 –product haircare line, a short movie directed by Canadian film maker JC Barros and a whole press campaign titled “DO IT YOURSELF– Trust Your Hands” based on the concept of the Handmade Creativity which will be unveiled during the next few weeks on the CRH new official website.

During the event , bloggers, journalists and friends of CRH were invited to live an innovative and revolutionary shopping experience featured inside the CRH Eshop: the use – for the first time in the world of hair styling –of ฿itcoin technology . Bitcoin is the electronic money created in 2009 by the anonymous known as Satoshi Nakamoto, who is animating an international debate making economists and investors discuss over the planet. In the wake of this revolution, following the “Cut The Edge” concept, along the event CRH crew awarded a group of 20 guests by an exclusive brand new shopping experience, creating an electronic wallet for them – charged with bitcoin – to purchase CRH products online.

Concerning DO IT YOURSELF – Trust Your Hands, the promotional campaign created by Rome TBWA\Industrial Strange and conceived for the launch of CRH products, it investigates over the Handmade Creativity, coming up with the choice of specific testimonials: five high-profile personalities with excellent skills able to come up over the national panorama thanks to their creativity and originality: Viola Von Hell – Tattoo artist at The Ten Bells Studio in Rome; Lady Coco – dj, producer, and author; Camilla Porlezza – cake designer at Foundry, Rome; Pietro Fè D’Ostiani – ship’s carpenter; Simone Russo and Luca Lanzani – tailors bike at Sartoria Cicli in Milan. The testimonials, presented via photographic portraits and video interviews , have been unveiled during the event , and their stories will be told and shared via social networks and CRH website throughout the Spring of 2014.

The event concluded with the visual act by LPM – Live Performers Meeting , a dj set by Bibi Marin and the performance of the special guest Lady Coco.