miele e olio per preparare una maschera per capelli secchi e crespi

DIY dry and frizzy hair mask

Having frizzy hair is the consequence of having dry hair. Hair tends to frizz precisely because it is dry and not sufficiently nourished and hydrated. Thus, they tend to swell and attract more moisture. In the article we will uncover the most common causes of dry hair, and a homemade mask for dry and frizzy hair in 5 minutes, with only 2 ingredients!

What are the causes of dry and frizzy hair?

There are many reasons for dry and frizzy hair. Atmospheric conditions, wrong products… Among the most common:

  • Poor hydration of the hair
  • Choice of wrong products
  • Use of commercial products containing aggressive chemicals
  • Too aggressive treatments such as tints and chemical straightening
  • Excessive use of hairdryer, straightener and curling iron
  • Humidity

What can I do (even at home) to treat dry and frizzy hair?

  • Make a good habit of taking care of your hair even at home
  • Comb them and brush them often
  • Wash them thoroughly, but not assiduously
  • Treat them with a mask once every 10 days

DIY dry and frizzy hair mask

Generally, natural masks are based on vegetable oils, but it is not said that they have the same effect on every type of hair. Hair masks are indicated above all to nourish particularly dry hair, since vegetable oils have a moisturizing and emollient power.

Let’s see how to easily make a natural hair mask at home.

Ingredients: Olive oil Honey

Procedure: 20 minutes

Method: Combine 2 tablespoons of oil and 3 tablespoons of honey (adjust the doses according to the length of the hair). Distribute over lengths and ends, avoiding contact with the skin and roots. Finish by rinsing the hair well and using shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.

How often can I apply the mask for dry hair? Every 10 days!