ragazza di profilo con capelli ricci e crespi

How to tie short and long curly hair

Rebellious and voluminous, curly hair are perfect to wear both loose and tied in many different ways. The curly hairstyles are the perfect mix between a chic look and a wild mood. So let’s see together what are the best ways to tie your rebellious curly hair.

Hairstyles for short and medium curly hair

The luck of having curly hair is to have a lot of “material” available that can be used for a hairstyle. One of the most suitable ideas could be to create a fake chignon using the support of bobby pins (and a lot of patience!): create a microchignon and leave the forehead locks completely free, for a glamorous and comfortable look. If you don’t want to give up the wild character of your curls, then you will have to fix the hairpins on the nape in a completely random way. If instead you prefer a  bon ton hairstyle, then we suggest to apply a small dose of modeling paste for curly hair on the hair before styling to ensure a more disciplined and shiny hair.

If your hair reaches a medium length, then you can have fun with a wide range of DIY curly hair hairstyles, arming yourself not only with a brush, but also with headbands, flowers and much more. Have you ever thought, for example, of braids as a hairstyle for your hair? Well, if you haven’t, then it’s time to start thinking about it. Braids are perfect for those who want to be able to “tame” even the most frizzy curls. Making them is far from difficult: all you have to do is divide your hair into three voluminous locks and make a braid with each of these. Once finished, all you have to do is collect them and fix them on the nape using the bobby pins. Et voila, your hairstyle is ready. A little tip: even before starting to make braids, model your curls with a cream for curly hair and help yourself with your hands, so that they open properly.

Hairstyles for long curly hair

You can really enjoy making simple hairstyles for curly hair, such as the so-called ananan, which is an unusual but perfect ponytail for thick and voluminous hair. Do it in a few simple steps: first, collect the hair as if forming a high tail and tie it with an elastic without tightening your grip too much, so that the curls fall on your forehead and along your face. For a perfect hairstyle you will need a spiral elastic, which will allow you to tie your hair without exerting too much pressure around the circumference of the tail, thus allowing some strands to fall in a completely random yet adequate way. In short, a perfect hairstyle for both day and evening.

Knowing how to manage curly hair will also allow you to create a varied series of curly hairstyles collected, with a retro and romantic taste. One of the most beautiful ideas, in this case, is to create a hairstyle halfway between a tail and a braid, a truly ideal mix for those who love a chic look. First, take 2/3 strands at the top of the head and make small braids to be stopped with invisible elastic bands. At this point, tie your hair – including braids – into a low, side tail. To close the tail, choose a clip that best suits your look, so as to further amplify the romantic effect of the hairstyle. And if you want to give it an extra touch of style, the suggestion is to use a polishing spray that makes hair shiny.