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Untangling natural hair

An annoying and common problem, but easy to solve in some steps.

A not correct hair care routine can be the cause of hair knots. There are, however, solutions to untangle them and finally have a bright and great hair style, without stress.

Let’s see how to avoid hair knots:

  • Causes of hair knots
  • Solutions to prevent hair knots
  • How to untangle hair knots

Hair knots: causes 

Hair full of knots? Can happen if they are dry or brittle, especially if long, frizzy and curly. Another cause is rubbing against the pillow at night. Or against clothes, especially in winter, due to the use of scarves, pullovers and hats. Some bad habits can create difficult knots to untangle, like not brushing them often, or with unsuitable combs; as well as the use of aggressive products for washing and styling. If you have split ends, or damaged hair, you could easily end up with knots at the end of the lengths. Achieving a bright, hydrated and knot-free hair is a possible goal: just follow some simple daily beauty rules.

Hair knots: solutions

First of all, use specific and quality hair products that can make the difference. Like the Hydrating Shampoo, ideal for all hair types, it has a protective action and gives softness, shine and vitality. Pair it with an equally moisturizing conditioner: the Hydrating Conditioner is designed to nourish damaged hair and obtain a healthier and shinier effect. After washing, do not rub the skin with the towel; instead, dab them gently with a microfiber cloth. Also avoid using the hair dryer for too long, or getting it too close to the scalp. 

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Even hair spray, foams and fixatives can often excessively dry the hair. The advice is to limit its use, then wash and treat the hair with hydrating hair products: the ideal solution if you want to get a perfect result!

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Another option to consider is to cut the tips, in order to obtain more beautiful hair. Cutting them regularly not only allows you not to have split ends, but you will give them the opportunity to grow better and stronger. Tie them up overnight with a light tail or braid, so you won’t have to worry about knots on waking up.

Untangle hair knots

The number one rule for untangling knots is to brush them regularly, from the root to the ends. Use a wooden comb, or a special anti-knot hair brush, and leave them free of pliers, elastic bands and pins. This good habit will also bring you another advantage: it will help you eliminate impurities. If your hair are severely knotted – due to an elaborate hairstyle, for example – prepare a detangling product and a suitable comb to untie the knots. Start with your fingers and then brush gently, without rushing. Do not forget to take care of your hair by reserving them the attention they deserve, in order to solve the problem of knots. By following these simple steps – from washing to styling – you can show off hair that is not only beautiful, but also healthy.