UNDERDOG unplugged


Rome 13.02.2013 –  Strike again at CRH playing their 2nd show case during the habitual Happy Hour we set every wednesday at Pigneto, turning the salon info a different place; an Open Space for artists to express themselves. CRH brings new concept and new energy to its salons: while the hairdressers are still at Work the Space around themselves change its functions to bring art and culture in our Daily life.We do not pretend to substitute galleries and clubs, we just try our Best to merge art and rock’n’roll with Common Life  to create a mutual exchange among artists and the audience. Keep calm is the second studio album released by underdog. It will be played on wednesday 13  and it is a 12-track album where rock,  psychedelic influences and jazz are blend with italian,German Polish and English lyrics.

Keep calm is considered as ” one of the most significant band over the italian Music scene”(BlowUp, Dec 2012)