Wednesday, Febr – 18:30, ContestaRockHair Pigneto 75. ContestaRockHair celebrates the international project Before I Die , (BID) on March 6 2013 with a closing party set in Pigneto, Rome. BID is an artistic installation that involved hundreds of people for months.People was invited t to express themselves -by filling big blackboards inside and outside our salon – and the wishes the want to accomplish before they die. After this closing party in Rome, BID will take place soon in other ContestaRockHair salons worldwide; NYC is the first city on the list.

BID is an innovative artistic project that allows the public to interact with the artwork, touching it and contributing to its implementation directly.”Anyone can pick up a piece of chalk, reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in a public space,” wrote the American artist Candy Chang, creator of the project.

On Wednesday the 6th of April, BID panels in Pigneto will be cleaned and the participants have the opportunity to write their thoughts over again. We have noticed that BID project encourages people to write messages of hope, creating also episodes associated with touching and funny phrases written on the panels.

Thus, ContestaRockHair fans will be armed with colored chalks to fill the BID blackboards once again. The event will be also accompanied by Dj Nario Bros, whose music selection will be inspired by the BID concept itself, featuring professional photographer Giancarlo Mazzaro. Giancarlo have been working for a very long time with ContestaRockHair and during the event will play an emotional- detector role, taking picture of the participants while displaying their “Before I Die “ thoughts on a portable blackboards. They will be immortalized looking straight in their eyes, in order to catch their emotional side, their feelings while carrying a very personal message.

This is the difference that we wanted : when somebody looks at Candy Chang photographic reportage over BID worldwide, all the pictures are focused on people shoulders while they are working on the panels. There is no emotional trace about what they are writing or thinking in that moment. In that way, their state of mind is impossible to be caught. The pictures taken by Giancarlo throughout the event , will be published on the official BID website, in the section dedicated to ContestaRockHair.