Combattere l’inquinamento? E’ possibile!


Pollution is one of the most important problems that the ecosystem is facing nowadays. We live in an age in which the balance between humans and the environment has been seriously compromised by industrial activity and the widespread diffusion of pollutants in daily activities.

To balance the situation a protocol was signed in Kyoto in 2005 among the most important nations. This protocol includes a commitment to reduce over the next few years the pollution from industrial sources. In this agreement, however, U.S., China and India decided not to participate, and this failure to include them can compromise the reach of any results.

But what is pollution? First of all it is the emission in the atmosphere¬†of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). The Earth’s atmosphere keeps this gas inside because it traps the sun’s heat and it keeps the earth with a warm temperature. But the continous release of quantities out of control is leading to an unnatural increase in global temperature, which is causing the melting of glaciers, the rising of sea levels and other climate changes.
The result is that today the production of CO2 is no longer sufficiently compensated by the planet’s natural resources, causing serious imbalances in the atmosphere.

ContestaRockHair wants to do its part to fight this phenomenon, and has joined the initiative ZERO IMPACT by LifeGate. It provides the creation of new forests in the world to offset pollution. This way, 43,794 kg of CO2 produced by our salons have been completely balanced by the creation of 21,786 square meters of forest in Costa Rica.

To thank all our customers, we decided to give a certificate name at the reception. This certificate, however, it is not just made to thank you for choosing an Impact Zero Hair-Style, but also to remind you that in order to fight pollution, each of you can do its part.

HINT: Did you know that hairs can be a great resources to fight ecosystem disaster?