ROME 06.04.2012 – Salone delle Fontane

On June 4, 2012 during the  Matrix National Hair Show,  ContestaRockHair  presented a hair performance which title is highly significant for the brand itself: “Cut The Wall”.  There is a whole world in these few words, intended as an incitement: to go out there to ” Cut the wall, knock down the barriers and mix the styles”.It is a pun stolen from the history of rock to express our hair-concept  in a suggestive manner.

Our intention in fact,was  to connect the hair-styling world represented by the  word “Cut”, with the “Wall” torn down by the genius of Pink Floyd music in the late 70’s. The historic band was chosen for their style, a mixture and a crossover of different  type of music. This  process is exactly what happens with those  trends, coming from the streets around the world, that ContestaRockHair reinterpreted as fashion seasonal icons.

To prove that street fashion  got a “wi-fi” language, with no geographical boundaries, ContestaRockHair has created an international show with a proper “worldwide” crew, gathering back in the same city the 5 top hairstylists from Rome, Florence, New York, Miami and Shanghai.  Five guys linked by the same technique and the same style that spring from the confrontation of different experiences  lived in 5 different salons,  allowing them to cut through the “wall” that divides their creativity from one country to another.

The great news is that, in a distinctive manner, ContestaRockHair hair-stylists  performed their technique  without rock music, as they usually do, choosing this time the rhythm of an emotional and visionary monologue that accompanied the first part of the show, playing and explaining  the art of being a hairdresser as  an “unusual  job” in which “crafters work with Devil’s matter.” The theme of the collection was inspired by the hipster movement, which was created and developed in big cities around the world and becoming soon a stylistic trend that goes beyond borders thanks to the internet , establishing global trends and styles united by a common thread : the “nostalgic” search for the past conflicting with the “mania” for the most advanced communication technologies (such as blogs, smartphones and tablets) to stay connected  24/7. Middle-class white kids who emulate the lifestyle of African American jazz musicians during the ’40s, the Hipster today are young and educated inhabitants of large urban centers, who are interested in alternative culture, which is the only religion they recognize combined  with racing bikes, skinny pants and Wayfarer sunglasses. Even at the  Salone delle Fontane in Rome,in fact,  riding models just come up from hidden corners biking  through the crowd wearing  checked shirts and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Generally Hipster work in art, music and fashion, refusing the aesthetic canons of the ongoing culture. They are apparently  scruffy and randomly dressed, but each item is actually studied in details. They do not want to be catalogued, they want to be “unclassifiable”. Consequently, ContestaRockHair translated on stage this fashion mood, giving into what these “cool hunters”  ask for  to get the perfect hipster look: bi-chromatic tones of color strictly separated , naturals mixed with highlights deliberately left  in roots, bleaching and lightening effects obtained without shades. Cuts structured with layers that leave no space for asymmetric effects; a style that mixes the indie rock with the composure of the 90s managed and decoded by ContestaRockHair over a decade of experience.