On Thursday, December 19, it’s scheduled the opening of “Room Package”, the installation by Aron Cheroes at the ContestaRockHair San Quirico salon in Florence.
Already presented in Rome at CRHmonti and at Albero salon in Florence, this traveling installation has been developed by the artist on purpose for ContestaRockHair.

Pictorial creativity needs a large space, sufficient enough to contain materials and thoughts that characterize the pictorial space where the artistic process is going on itself. Accordingly to Aron Cheroes (nickname for the artist Francesco Giannino) boxes represent rooms, chosen as a place for works creation and elected as treasure chest where memories are collected. During the event, Visitors can join this world by scanning a QR Code placed on each box. Images and cubic portions of worlds are united by a creative field connecting the various rooms and a screen displaying 100 photos mounted in stop-motion.

The last connection is with the present, a live-moment in which the artist will paint during the event using an open box connected to other rooms, while images of the artwork in progress are displayed on screen in loop –motion.