On wednesday, December 18, 2013, ContestaRockHair presents in its Pigneto’s salon in Rome a special event conceived by the creative team behind Nodes Magazine. It will be a fund-raising event: the profits will be used entirely to sponsor the issue #2 of the magazine. Focus of the day will be “the atypical portrait”.

The customers in the salon, between 12pm and 8pm, while Contesta’s staff will be regularly working, will have the chance to ask three artists to portray them through three different channels: through music; through literature; through paintings in visual deprivation. The musical portraits by Danilo Innocenti, who will dig in his personal musical archive, are tracks that will be performed hand in glove with the applicant. The literary portraits, by Jacopo Natoli, are actual texts, assembled last-minute, and inspired by the image of the “sitter” him/herself. The portraits in visual deprivation, by Marco Marini, will be depicted after carefully looking at the subject, but without looking at the portrait while drawing it.

A special publication about Pigneto neighbourhood, entitled “Perimeter”, has been realized for this occasion: conceived and developed by Nodes, and with pictures by Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, it will be presented during the day, and it can be puschased with a donation. The publication was made possible by the contribution from Tipografare.
From December 18th 2013 and for a whole month, there will be an exhibition of some 35x50cm printings (hand made, and in a limited number of copy) of the images contained in “Perimeter”. Contesta Rock Hair’s salon in Pigneto will host the exhibition. During the day, the #1 and #0 issue of Nodes can be consulted and purchased at a special price.

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