ContestaRockHair presents MATERIALE UMANO( “Human Material”), a live performance by Claudio Greco. The Berlin-based artist visits his home country ( he is from Tuscany) with a project which structure is between the physical and the conceptual.These elements are strongly highlighted in his works, and this one is the second he offers to the audience of ContestaRockHair in Florence – the first one was titled “9,8m/show” and it took place on July 30, 2013 at the salon in Via dell’Albero.

This time, everyone is invited to the salon in Via San Quirico – Due to its large spaces , and “Materiale Umano” will be played on October 17, 2013 during the Happy Hour time – a moment in which mutual influences between arts and working activities reach their top at ContestaRockHair in a kaleidoscope of expressions. Claudio’s artistic performances perfectly matches with the intents that ContestaRockHair wants to pursuit during the Happy Hour Time: arts framed and performed into the everyday – life system.

Hence, while our hairstylists keep on working , you can admire human sculptures/ half naked bodies wrapped in cellophane cocoons. Cellophane is a material used by the artist because of its specific properties: resistance to traction, transparency and the possibility to isolate/ highlight human proportions. With” Materiale Umano”, Claudio Greco continues his artistic journey searching through different materials , using the human being not as a model to be figuratively represented, but as the main entity of the work. Moved to Berlin in 2012, Claudio soon got in contact with The KunstHaus Tacheles, a famous artist group with which he is constantly in collaboration. During one of his home-coming in Tuscany , he had been inspired by the philosophy and the creative environment he found at ContestaRockHair in Florence, deciding then to create a project based on the connection between materials and their frame/containers,
choosing our salons as the main container and establishing a stimulating relationship with our brand. Just come and enjoy “Materiale Umano” on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at ContestaRockHair Via di San Quirico.

Opening 8PM , Drinks On The House