How to manage curly hair

Having curly hair has certainly great potential. Just know how to care of and give the right value to your own hair with some styling tricks. The first step: don’t be afraid of volume. If you want to, continue reading this article. The second step: to abandon and say goodbye to uncomfortable queues, brushes, hair dryers, and obviously flat irons that stress the curls. You have to search for the beauty inside of the natural.

Simone from New York revealed us how to enhance the curls without hiding them. See below what to do and what not to do:

  • How to fight frizzy
  • How to wash curly hair
  • How to dry curly hair
  • How to cut curly hair
  • New York trends: the 90s are back

How to fight frizziness

Curly hair tends to get the most frizzy! It’s possible to fight the frizziness with some little tricks in our daily routine. In curly hair, the sebaceous secretion that gets produced by the scalp helps the curls keep the frizz under control. As a result, not washing your hair every day is a must! This is a suggestion that goes for any type of hair. Reducing washings even once a week, helps domesticate also the most rebellious hair. Hair should be washed only when the skin has excess of sebum. We are the ones who decide how many washes are really necessary.

How to wash curly hair

When the shampoo is emulsified and the hair is soaped, it’s very important to massage just the scalp, and it’s absolutely wrong to massage also the lengths with the shampoo. Massaging the lengths with the shampoo amplifies the frizziness of the hair. 
The conditioner should be used after the shampoo and it has the power to close the scales of the hair. Due to its form, it is able to easily untangle the knots. A good conditioner, does not only dissolves the odious knots, but also deposits substances that help eliminate the frizz.

How to dry curly hair

Just before drying your hair, it is good to use a hair cream (the hair have to be very wet). The product must almost be like an adhesive, but not sticky, to completely remove the frizz from the hair. Curling milk, for example, is a no-rinse formula designed to moisturize the hair and encourage curls thanks to the resin contained in it that gives definition, elasticity and shine. Its function is to seal the cuticles with a blend of plant extracts, oils and butters for a more healthy, nourished and smooth appearance. It lightly smooths curls without leaving any residue. Once the product has been applied, it is important to shape the curls with the fingers, favoring the direction of the curls and disfavoring the frizziness. Generally, the predisposition is to move the curls with your hands and to tighten it. However, this movement increases the frizziness and removes the cream effect. After washing the hair and applying the product, the curls should not be touched any more. Dry the hair with a diffuser and avoid modeling the curl in the drying phase, this leads to a surprising result. With these small tricks, the curls will be flat, but compact and defined. In the final phase, when the hair is completely dry, you can begin to open the curls and quickly undress the hair. Finally, the volume begins to take shape, and the frizz will disappear.

How to cut curly hair

Looking for a cut that flattens curly hair may seem like the solution to people that are afraid of volume. People are often afraid to create short scales for the fear that the hedgehog shrinks. It’s not exactly like that. Creating fairly strong scales that create volume it’s good. Curls need expression and they need space and volume; otherwise, they tend to go down and to flatten all on the top of the head.

New York trends: the 90s are back

The detached cut with a long tuft and lateral scaling: for young people with urban style.
Curly long bob: the curly hair is cut almost neatly, but has some scalings in the middle, so they can rise freely, expressing themselves in the best way, with the same line of the bob, but curly!
The messy fringe above the eyes : free the face, but keeps the curls.

Name: Simone Domizi

Age : 36
From: Rome
In ContestaRockHair from: 18 years
Today: he lives and works at ContestaRockHair New York for 7 years
Preferred products: Saltiness + Curling Milk, for a crazy effect on curls (apply the products on wet hair)
90s Curly Hair Icons: Patti Smith, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore

At ContestaRockhair we try to amplify natural beauty trough a change that lasts in time. Getting advice on the good technique for a cut can solve a lot of problems that every curly haired person has to confront every morning. The path we do as  stylists before starting a service, is analyzing the morphology of the clients face: eyes, mouth and chin. From there, we decide what forms to
amplify and which ones to minimize. With a targeted face and life evaluation of the client, we can change the look and, with good cares at home, keep it lasting in time. Play with curly hair, don’t hide them, but pronounce them in the right way!