On July 1, ContestaRockHair will switch on one of the oldest squares in Florence. In collaboration with Pop Cafè, from 21.30 p.m. on, ContestaRockHair will introduce a live performance based on a perfect mix between art, music and urban style. The keyword will be SWITCH, unexpected change, rhythmical turnover of different art expressions, for a suggestive hair concept where the creative interaction between stylists, models, dj, performers and artists will influence their own work.

Music will head towards the whole contest. Dj will rotate in upbeat phrases, from minimal to old groove sounds, from contemporary atmospheres to futurist dimensions, unexpected changes will keep the rhythm of hairstylists that will perform following the selected beat.

A fusion between styles and trends, the will to draw on the past combined with the desire to BE in the present day, a melting pot where everyone can find the elements to establish his own personality having seen the past with a special look on the future: this is what can be seen along the streets all over the world.

The genres’ mix gives an international tone to the stage, animated by an authentic exchange of “street” actors (the main characters of the show), and where the handmade style by ContestaRockHair is totally established in its various expressions.

Through a switch, ContestaRockHair recalls the thick network of relationships, real and virtual, that nourish the actual artistic, social and aesthetical mixes, playing the interdisciplinarity at the base of its philosophy. Art consequently plays its important role through a live performance where different artists will turnover to realize a common work. Young artists, already shown in ContestaRockHair salons, will exchange each other on the same painting into a dynamic fusion, continueing one the work of the other, for a real creative switch.

The same creativity involves also a project headed by the young architects of NodoStudio, the architectural firm born in one of ContestaRockHair salons in Florence, that will propose an installation and give the chance to everyone will join the event to directly interact with it.
Along the square, they will assign some seat realized according to the reuse theory, the principle of recovery and reuse of materials perfectly connected with the hand-made philosophy. On these seats there will be some writing, i.e. “take me home”, to clearly highlight the chance to take these seats and bring them home in complete freedom, as confirm of their new use.