Hairdresser Pigneto

If you are looking for a hairdressing salon in the pedestrian area of the Pigneto district, ContestaRockHair will welcome you in a space without geographical and expression limits and a young and cosmopolitan team.

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CRH Pigneto

The Pigneto district in Rome is characterized by its multiculturalism. Its streets are crowded with urban cyclist and colorful street art works and graffiti that express the artistic streak of this urban area. Passing by the streets or the famous pedestrian area, which is animated 24/7, among the block of flats, it is easy to see various street art works and murales with the face of Pasolini, who with his films has left a mark on the streets of the district. Pigneto is the heart of the East side of Rome: the area of the city where artists, photographers, designers and creative people have found home and a perfect place to work and live in search of inspirations. Here is where it all began and ContestaRockHair launched its first Roman hairdressing salon, in Via del Pigneto 75. Headquarters of the brand, CRH PIGNETO is the space where the brand identity was born by combining its rock soul with the different urban cultures: a space with no boundaries, a movement animated by a young and cosmopolitan team, a place for new ideas.

Via del Pigneto, 75
00176 Roma
Ph. +39 06 70300165

Monday-Saturday | 10:30 am-7.30 pm (Non-stop)
Sunday closed