CRH opens a brand new salon in Rome, focusing on the district of Testaccio, one of the most ancient and full of life in downtown. New is the salon, innovative is the concept for its interior design.. Just stepping in, we feel like we are litteraly thrown into the atmosphere of a real 60s – Italian apartments.

Formica, wall papers, chandeliers and all the other furnishings come from that period; those bright 60s full of life and memories. Every piece of this salon comes from an accurate selection blended to represent a very vintage – house situation. Accuracy in selecting/dating furniture of this salon  has been guaranteed by our partnership with Anticaja, a vintage-design laboratory which philosophy is based on the rescuing and the re-usage of old fashion furniture, and it represents one of the most important vintage space for enthusiasts and experts in Rome. Furthermore, If you are in our salon waiting for a haircut, looking around or having a chat with your friends and accidentally fall in love  with a particular chair, rather than with the sofa or other pieces of the kitchen we use as a shampoo area.. you can buy them! Every single piece of design is on sale, just find out how to purchase it.ContestaRockHair Testaccio  is a place to fall in love with, where you can chill yourself out while we take care of your good-looking.The second-hand decoration policy we applied here is not something temporary we adopt just to follow a trend, but it is a serious commitment to break the chain of consumerism ruling on our society nowaday.

We are sure that a constant production of new goods  it is not necessary; probably something you want to get rid of can be a valuable good for somebody else and vice versa, and it can prevent from feeding this disposable economy. Consequently, ContestaRockhair decided to create a new space with an old fashion atmosphere – the one we used to feel like at our  granny house , according to sustainable concepts giving old furniture a second life.