ROME 22.02.2012 – ContestaRockHair opens the new artistic season in Rome with the urban and dreamlike scenes of street-artist Hermanisdead.
Herman has grown painting walls in Milan, Novara and Saronno, that he experienced as pieces of canvas to impress with the explosion of energy taken from the pop-art and now is our key to show the glimpse of a reality strongly linked with ContestaRockHair: the road, the concrete and the wildest side of the art, journeyed this time through the perspective of the “writers”, considered as new urban designers. Sprays, fluorescent colors and underground scenarios frame the works of this artist who paints everything, from normal canvas, to club interiors, buildings or tunnel. Any element taken from the street can be the spot of a new creation for Hermanisdead, who recently exposed during the International Writers Contest at the X-LAB in Berlin and attended the 2011 Miami Artist Wanted.
ContestaRockHair, always focused on the independent youth culture, is pleased to host the street-art world – putting aside his usual rock bases for a moment- making the way to the street culture and its life created into a world, indissolubly linked to the hip-hop music. This is the reason why Hermanisdead proposes a series of previously-unreleased paintings with a live performance supported by the showcase of the hip-hop duo DonGocò & DJ Impro, for the launch of their new album “Na Continuazione”. Aperitif and Dj-set from 7pm.