CONTESTAROCKHAIR has launched its own label, creating a personal product line and thus realizing one of the highest aims of the company. Twenty years of hair styling experience from our different salons, partnerships with leading companies, and listening to the needs of our world-wide clientele has expanded and refined our knowledge of hair care products.
Every salon is a beacon of styles and trends where we are constantly bringing in creativity from the streets worldwide. At ContestaRockHair we listen to our customers’ needs; despite the fact that those needs change according to geographical location and culture they inevitably lead back to the universal need to feel comfortable with their own image.
Curious as researchers and motivated like explorers, our crew investigated, tested, sifted, and combined the best products on the market to obtain our singular formulas. We followed our research with laboratory tests and have created the perfect blend of effectiveness and appealing scents. We have combined all our knowledge to create a professional, high performance, line with products that guarantee exciting results even in the most inexperienced hands.

CONTESTAROCKHAIR products come into your home just like the professional tips given by a hairstylist to their clients that make them faithful customers. We consider our clients to be a part of our product formulas, not simply target consumers. That is why they are involved, both as collaborators and as inspiration, in the creation of our style and our initiatives in art, music, and activism: their choices and opinions enrich our creativity. The product line has been tested in our salons around the world where we collected feedback from an audience that played an active part in our growth and development.

Italian products have always set the standard for quality and innovation in the world of fashion and hair and at ContestaRockHair we continue that tradition with our own products. ContestaRockHair products are unique, not only as hairstyling tools, but also for their packaging and fragrance. Through our products we have created a way to teach the secret of our craft to the world. We know how to communicate the importance of daily care in order to create a great unique look for every day and we understand our customers’ desire to take home the experience they receive in our salons.
With 20 years of experience in the fashion world and thanks to the collaboration with Originitalia – a company that has created major cosmetic lines for the international market – we are ready to introduce our new line of hair products to the world.