CRH HUB | ContestaRockHair Termini

ContestaRockHair launches its Startup in the heart of Rome at the YELLOW HOSTEL.

It is a laboratory, it is a place to meet, it’s a salon, but mostly it is a startup. Born in Rome, CRH Termini, a reality aimed at a young target where you can experiment services, initiatives and innovative management of a ContestaRockHair salon.

The international brand of Hairstyles launches a new concept of salon within Yellow Square, cutting edge hostel in the area, located in the heart of the city of Rome, expanding with its twenty-year award experience, a true crossroads for young travelers, between 18 and 30 years, from all over the world.

Yellow Square is where this boundary space was born, where the innovative and nonconformist spirit of ContestaRockHair will be able to be, indeed a service for guests of the hostel, but at the same time become an incubator of ideas, where new projects will be launched.

Animated by this spirit, the brand has chosen six Roman young trendsetters – different in background and lifestyle – selected to tell the adventure of CRH HUB. Alison Bizzi, Etta Page, Paula Ling Yi Sun, Giacomo Giorgi, Nicolo’ Benvenuto and Pasquale Desantis will be ContestaRockHair’s ambassadors in the capital and on the web. They, the facilitators between the travelers and the “locals”, six different and innovative reference points, all to create a new cross-mapping of urban culture.

The six “ambassadors” of CRH HUB will create a personal map of their own vision of the most innovative trends, creative movements that animate the city and of experiences that shall not to be missed. Theirs will be an unprecedented interpretation of the Capital: unusual “guidance” of Rome – posted on the web available to everyone – which will offer new suggestions for both travelers and Romans.

CRH HUB will have a primarily target of 25 years and under.

Working days will be from Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 20:00.

We will offer services and pricing perfectly in line with the communication between young people, and among the new features there will also be a Tattoo lab and a beauty department.

CRH Termini
via Palestro 51, ROMA
+39 06 88801259