Code of Ethics

CRH “Contesta Rock Hair” Ltd. has adopted voluntarily,its own Code of Ethics, according to the unanimous decision of all its members and the administrative establishment.

CRH “Contesta Rock Hair” Ltd. Code ofEthics was inspired by principles of transparency of the actions, correct behavior, efficiency of service, competence, collaboration, without reservations, professional development, loyalty and fairness to employees , employees, suppliers, customers, competition, in full and absolute respect for moral values and laws existing in all countries where it operates.

CRH “Contesta Rock Hair” Ltd. operates in accordance with principles of freedom, human dignity and consideration of diversity, rejecting in principle, any kind of discrimination, whether racial, religious, political, sexual, philosophical and cultural.

CRH “Contesta Rock Hair” Ltd. has irrevocably decided to adopt a Code of Ethics with the aim to establish with clarity, the set of values that recognizes, accepts and agrees: the Code of Ethics is a statement of commitment in pursuing the mission to the highest standards with accountability and ethical conduct in the management of the business.

CRH “Contesta Rock Hair” Ltd., aware that the misbehavior of some may damage the honor, the dignity and image of all, ensure the dissemination of this Code of Conduct and ensure the application on behalf of its employees, contractors, members and administrators.