From March 21, ContestaRockHair is proud to announce a new opening in Testaccio – one of the most peculiar district in the heart of Rome.We have a brand-new salon – the 4th  in town, with  innovation about furniture and  interior design:as soon as you walk in, You feel like  living in a real apartment coming from the 60’. Formica, wall papers, chandeliers and all the other furnishings come from that period; those bright 60’s full of life and memories.Join us on May 30,2013 to celebrate it with a party:“Back to the 60’S” is a special occasion for cocktails,  fun and a vintage dresscode.From 7 pm a special night were every details is dedicated to this decade!So be ready to dress something from the 60’s and get pictures with polaroid machines, listening to the  furious and original rock ‘n’ roll selected by Victor:Meets!