December 1 is the World AIDS Day, to remember that AIDS and the HIV infection are problems not yet solved.  The main obstacle  is the absence of adequate awareness campaigns and a lack of consciousness. The significant decrease in cases of death (AIDS cases) in Western countries, due to the treatments administered to HIV infection, suggests that the danger of contagion has been averted, but in the reality of statistics known only in the medical field, the HIV prevalence increased at an alarming rate, especially among young people. Even today, few know the important difference that exists between being infected with HIV and having AIDS. The same HIV testing, while being free and made in total respect of privacy, it is still considered a taboo, but just the test, together with the use of condoms remain the only concrete action against the increase of new cases of infection. One may be infected with HIV and remain unaware for many years, in the meantime become a vehicle of infection for others.

Like every year, on the occasion of this anniversary, ContestaRockHair launches “AIDS Is not Dead” event, an awareness campaign to help break the wall of silence and ignorance, conducted   through the distribution of condoms and personal material in its salons for the duration of the month of December. Every condom sold has the symbolic value of one euro; the entire proceeds will be donated  to the association in Italy–a non-profit organization for information and prevention activities aimed at school kids, and to the no-profit organization The LGBT Center in  the USA . Within each salon for the duration of the initiative, the distributor of candy “Fijo de” will dispense “AIDS Is not Dead” badges , made in different colors to collect, at the price of one euro each; proceeds will be donated to the fundraising association intended.

“Talkin about HIV and its growing popularity is the main form of prevention and we consider it as essential, stressing that condom is  and remains the only secure means of contraception against sexually transmitted disease so far, representing also a gesture of responsibility and love for themselves and their partners. ”