NEW YORK 10.24.2012 – After the large consensus received in our salon in Miami, The pop-art artist GG  presents “GG Artwork to NYC”, a new series of  works exhibited in our salon in the heart of New York West Village.

GG is a Miami – based artist, but he comes from Venezuela and he had been involved into artistic projects and events  since he was very young. As a teenager he decided  to invest all his energies and creativity in arts. He began his experimentation making design first, then he started with painting.

Undecided on what kind of painting he wanted to go through, GG soon privileged the POP Art with the clear intention to be one of the most important painted  related to this artistic field.

The art of GG have been exhibited in many art galleries around the world, being part of several fundraising events and exhibitions.

His work is based on a modern way of expression, creating  a personal world populated by imaginary characters, icons and colours.

GG takes Inspirations from feelings, emotions, goals and events that affect our environment, negative or positive they may are.

The exhibition placed in our salon is a combination of pieces taken from two different series entitled “Camp” and “Artist Tribute”, The first one consists in a five – pieces painting  in which GG explores critical issues as social and  political topics while the second one is a limited edition of prints tribute to those artists that most influenced GG’s career.

Author: ContestaRockHair
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