Addicted to Rock in NYC


NEW YORK 21.02. 2011  – ContestaRockHair continues to make its way in the fashion biz of New York, constantly staying true to its street-and-wild spirit. Hence that come new collaborations with Prince Peter and Mick Rock – we took care of the hair styling during his latest photographic sessions. Underground designer appeared during the latest New York  Fashion Week the first, star-system photographer the second,  they are accompanying our movements since the beginning of our adventure in NYC, becoming  established partners. A concrete evidence has been on the 21st of February, when ContestaRockHair signed the hairstyles for the event that “Trash & Vaudeville” – a famous punk-store in Manhattan- organized at the New York Don Hills, the historic punk club  in the heart of Soho. Here Prince Peter took care of the outfit and a special guest showed up: Marky Ramone   from The Ramones band.

Author: ContestaRockHair
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